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Kids’ entertainment

Kids’ entertainment


Family life in Bucharest revolves around the city’s parks. The challenge is to find activities that suit you and your family, but once you have asked your friends and explored a little on your own, you will be ready to enjoy the parks all over the city.




copii parc distractie




You will definitely see other expat mothers and families in most of the playgrounds. In Herastrau, the largest of Bucharest’s parks, enjoy the walk around the lake or rent a bike (you just need an ID to do that). You can also visit Insula Copiilor (Children’s Island). If you want a quieter place, stroll over to the Charles de Gaulle area and visit Bordei Park, on the corner just across from Herastrau, or visit the smaller playground in the French Village. It may be smaller, but no dogs or skates are allowed. Floreasca Park is also worth a visit.



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