Waha Festival 2017

Waha Festival 2017

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We invite you for the 6th edition of Waha Festival to get together and celebrate Life, creating our own groovy dimension where we can play and explore freely the simple Joy of Being. 
Always in Love.

Like last year, there will be 6 stages with diverse music for any state you might be in. We got Techno, Psychedelic, Deep House, Jazz, Ambient, live bands, Cumbia, Psychill, IDM, Experimental and many other styles only the djs know :) 

The Deep Stage has earned its reputation of bringing together an interesting choice of underground artists from around the world hosted of course by our own Romanian talent, creating a smooth trippy vibe for 5 days non stop. 

The Psy Stage is dedicated to a more intense experience where the dancers are taken over by all different subgenres of psytrance, from progressive to darkpsy and hitech, assuring there's a safe trip for everybody to hop in. International legends as well as local djs will drive this stage to the end of the Universe and back until monday night.

The Alternative Stage is hosting live bands in the evening and in the rest of the day djs make sure you get to hear that alternative sound you were looking for. Here is the place where you could hear some jazz in the daytime, few live bands in the evening, trippy cumbia in the night and a bit of experimental techno in the morning followed by groovy funky tunes after, a cozy place with warm atmosphere and a jolly vibe.

The Calea Lactee Stage is hosted by a lovely bunch of souls coming from Berlin. When the sun rises, it starts with some moody downtempo going into funkier disco melodies, in the evening there will be housy and atmospheric tech tunes and at night they provide trippy berlin techno combined with a live analogue light show. Altogether it’s a lively place to connect with each other and celebrate life.

The Jam Circle is a very interesting mix of spontaneous musical improvisation, percussion, open mic, dance and performance which will always surprise you going by. Bring your instrument with you or try new ones from the people around, friendly atmosphere guaranteed.

Chill in Space is the stage dedicated to Downtempo, IDM and experimental sounds, a place where you come to relax and enjoy the slower side of music, mixed with a decent touch of trippiness it will ensure a smooth voyage into the infinite field of possibilities. Family-friendly and harmonious, this is a grounding experience that completes Waha's musical journey.

Waha Tribe invites you to The Playcare, the place where you can join your kids on their exciting childhood odyssey. A team of specialized trainers, scouts, actors and parents will make sure your kids get a piece of fun to remember.
Luminish is the festival's core, a space dedicated to holistic workshops, techniques and practices, from Yoga to Trance Dance and special therapies, its all there for you to come, relax, learn and explore.


Rhadoo (arpiar | Romania)
Petre Inspirescu (arpiar | Romania)
Pheek live (Archipel | Canada)
Cezar (Understand | Romania)
Vlad Caia live (Amphia | Romania)
Hubble live (Sleep Is Commercial | Italy)
Atoll live (Sleep is Commercial | Italy)
Sahau live (Zimbru | Romania)
Praslea (Understand | Romania)
Dan Andrei (arpiar | Romania)
Sedee (Malonian | Mannheim)
Cleymoore (Pluie/Noir | Portugal)
Kozo (Understand | Romania)
Dubtil (Amphia | Romania)
Olga Korol (Body Parts | Ukraine)
Francesco Assenza (Sleep Is Commercial | Italy)
Suciu (Contur | Romania)
Xandru b2b Funk E ( Romania )
Piticu ( Romania)
Marsomatic 700 (Sublee + Mihai Popescu) (Metereze | Romania)
Jola (Jonas + Christopher Lawrenz) (ALOA | Berlin)
Ada Kaleh (AdaKalehRomania | Romania)
Emi (Contur | Romania)
Einzig (Romania)
Tulbure (TCStudio | Romania)
Andrei Ciubuc (Draganeni | Romania)
Lumieux (Romania)
Andrey Kharitonov (Anakronik | Romania) 
Andreea (Romania)
Marius Iorga (Cuplet | Romania)
Paul Agripa (Zimbru | Romania)
Mihai Pol (Capodopere | Romania)
Gols (Belgium)
Miss I (Misbits | Romania)
Mauss (Romania)


X-Dream (Gravity Plus, Boshke Beats | Germany) / LIVE Retro Set
Dickster (Nano Reccords | UK) / Special 3h set
Ticon (Iboga Records | Sweden)
Banco De Gaia (Disco Gecko | UK) / Tribal Trance Set
Orestis (Sonic Loom | Greece) / Special 3h set
Derango (Parvati, Sanaton | Sweden)
Megalopsy (Dark Prisma | Argentina) / Special dark set
Fungus Funk (Psylife | Russia)
The Delta (Boshke Beats, Gravity Plus / Germany) / LIVE Retro Set
Flowjob (Iboga Records | Denmark) / Special 3h set
Noise Gust (Fullmoon, Urban Antidote, Indali | Japan)
Salakavala (Hippie Killer, 6D Soundz, Faerie Dragon | Finland)
E-Mantra (Suntrip, Altar, Melusine | Romania)
Atma (Dacru, BMSS | Romania)
Zentrix (Digital Garden, Zenon | Canada)
Confo (Parvati | Greece)
Audiosyntax (Alice-D | Germany)
Alien Trancesistor (Vantara Vichitra | India)
Igor Swamp (Hippie Killer | Finland)
Looney (Visionary Shamanics | Greece)
Latam (Thrancians | Romania)
Darkology (MFG Tribe | Romania)
Mano (Samsara Crew | Romania)
Oracol (Romania)
Trans Humantza (Urban Antidote | Romania)
Thal (Solar Seeds | Romania)
Fractaliceanu (Romania)
Dopamine (Romania/Denmark)
Acid Black (Tribal Gathering | Panama)
Aio (Lycantrop | Canada)
Elela (Dropland | Germany)
MayaTekk (Popol Vuh, Quantum Digits | Guatemala)
Eleusyn (Melusine | Romania)
Gezu vs Petor (Hungary)
Trikoze (Bulgaria)
Lueder (Germany)
Silver Sully (Biopulse | Romania)
Toge (Enterrec, Zion604 | Hungary)
Chuckles (Lost Theory | Belgium)
Cummis (Zahadum Sphere | Slovakia)
Etal (Melusine | Romania)


Khidja (Malka Tuti / Romania)
Oceanvs Orientalis (The Magic Movement / Istanbul)
Nopame (Romania)
Borusiade (Comeme / Romania)
Electric Brother (Romania)
Christian S (Comeme / Germany)
Souptrip (Romania)
Thomash & Urubu Marinka (Voodoohop / Germany)
A Macaca (Voodoohop / France)
Kaloan (Voodoohop / Brazil)
Saeko (Voodoohop / Japan)
Tapan (Malka Tuti / Serbia)
Dream Diggers (Romania)
Moduler & Vivi St live (Inhere / Romania)
Zona Libera (Matze & DJ Vasile / Romania)
Soundopamine (Architects Of Paradise / Romania)
Dubase (Romania)
Ufe & Zicu (Romania)
Karpov Not Kasparov (Romania)
Danaga (Romania)
Dragos Rusu (The Attic Magazine / Romania)
Georgescu (The Attic Magazine / Romania)
Alex Tolstey (Boshke Beats / Spain)
Marcus 'Rough' Maichel (Boshke Beats / Germany)
Jan 'Rush' Muller (Boshke Beats / Germany)
Omelette (Romania)
A-C Leonte Reveries (Romania)
Sinestezie (Romania)
Rolf (Romania)
Kosta & Popix (Romania)
Cristalline (Romania)
Lapte & Miere (Romania)
Ygor (Romania)
Prisma (Dark Prisma / Argentina)
New Structures (Romania)
Folclorescent (Romania)
Stef Decat (Romania)
B.A.U. (Romania)
Basska (Romania)
Krisper (Romania)


Acid Stream (Dimitri Engelhardt, Conzum / Jena, DE) Live 'BioArt' Visual Performance
Arteriam (Gutzeit / Berlin, DE) live
Apartment29 (young broke and talented / Hamburg, DE)
APK318 (audiopicnik / Augsburg, DE)
Baba Sikander (Isle9 / TechnoWG / Berlin, DE)
Chrystal Chris & Sawatzki (Kybele / Schiffbruch / Berlin, DE) live
Chak Besh (Point / Berlin, DE)
Daniel Krau (Ketoga / TCC / Bremen, DE)
Dangerous Dave (Seelenfutter / Berlin, DE)
Danielle Arielli (Tooflez Records / Berlin, DE)
Dean Marc (Point / London, UK)
Elrino (Abartik / Basel, CH)
Emmanuel K (Aloa Music / Berlin, DE)
FR/DA (Fibonacci Rec. / SaTerzaMetari / Berlin, DE)
Katzele (Malka Tuti / Berlin, DE)
Kon Ding (Deep Square Records / Berlin, DE)
Lamborginy Disco (CC / Augsburg, DE)
Lamine (WetYourSelf / Fabric / London, UK)
Leon Kostner (Tal der Verwirrung / Berlin, DE)
Luis Hill (Verstek / Berlin, DE)
Manel Cluny (Dazed State / Animal Farm / Berlin, DE)
Ma.Sa (Aloa Music / Berlin, DE)
Nahste Oner (Nahtstescu / Bern, CH)
Oana (Ariki Records / Berlin, DE)
Philippe Jeanneret (Abartik / Basel, CH)
Raskolnikoff (Goldschall∞Rausch / Cirkus Klauterwerck/ Berlin, DE)
RVG (Deep Square Records / Nice, FR)
Sarah Wild (Sturm und Drang/ Berlin, DE)
She Nionika (Deep Square Records / Bern, CH)
Slowcrates (Ajourney Music / Bremen, DE)
Toxido Mask (Finow Zoo / Berlin, DE)
Vito Fattore (Deep Square Records / Berlin, DE)
Wardita (Tonleiter Records / Berlin, DE)
Warte:Mal (Rebellion der Träumer / Berlin, DE)


Karsten Pflum (Hymen Records, Mindwaves-Music / DK) Live
Banco de Gaia (Disco Gecko / UK) Live
Chillin Berlin (Mindwaves-Music / DE)
Pat Flanders (Mindwaves-Music, Skizze / DE) 
BLN (Square Sound Records, Raumklang Music Records / RO) Live
E-Mantra (Melusine Records / RO) - Live
Logical Elements (Melusine Records / RO) Live
Reasonandu (Melusine Records / RO) - Live
The Ghost of 3.13 (Abstract Reflections, Mozyk.net / RO) Live
Brokoli (Mozyk.net / BG) 
EEBB (Archipel / DE) Live
Serge Geyzel (Mindwaves-Music / DE) Live
Axiom (Crazy Language, Skizze / DE ) 
Jus10 (Mindwaves-Music / DE)
Briain (Skizze / DE)
Poetrip (RO) Live
Ŧ๏lςl๏гєรςєภt (RO) Live
Dj Vasile (Zona Libera / RO)
EsauNue (MRNGR / RO) 
Saranankara + Andrei Gheorghiu (guitar) (Melusine Records / RO) Live
A Walk in Town (Psyonic / RO)
Δeltaплан (Psyonic / RO)
Niki K (Macronite Ireland / DE)
Reform-1 (Raumklang Music Records / RO) Live
Sin- Drøne (Psyonic / RO)
Overder (Psyonic / RO)
Faunescu (Psyonic , Kogaion Tribe)
Alien Lama (MD) Live
Ras Pacino (RO) Live
Hermanos (Solar / MD)
Option Zero (Psyonic / RO)
Zen (RO)
Aner Adras (Soundsphere, Rec24 / RO) Live
Atouck & Solomon Aru (Soundsphere / RO) Live 
Makumaku5000 (Soundsphere / RO)
Ziazin (Soundsphere / RO)
Subhuman (Psyonic / RO)
Sistah Rastahfairy (RO)
Natty Ned (Do the Reggae / RO) 
Underwing (Psyonic / RO)
Dr. Gonzo (SunMoon / RO)
Duro Disco & Melotonin (RO)
Tzuc (RO)
Raman (Psyonic / RO)
Rolf Ono (Lucky 23 / RO)
Nostalgia (RO) Live
Saboar (Colectiva Gazette, d.tales / RO)
Dannilov (Colectiva Gazette / RO)
Pavlov (Colectiva Gazette, Cocor / RO)
Seme (Colectiva Gazette, Storyboard / RO)
Groovmanescu (Sugar & Spice / RO)

Côté Vidéo
Aural Eye

Te văd

270 lei / 60 eur till July 1st
380 lei / 80 eur at the gate


Plans are nothing, planning is everything ! (Eisenhour)
This year we try to make your arrival at Waha festival easier than ever before with many travel options for all your needs !
For direct Otopeni airport shuttles book the time that suits you best with Wave Travel and in just 3h30 you will be straight in the heart of Wahaland ! Price is 65 eur for a return ticket, travelling with style guaranteed.


People coming from Bucharest can book the WahaBus for 70 lei (aprox 15eur) one way on https://www.bilete.ro/waha-festival/wahabus-20-24-iul-2017/ for Thursday and Friday with morning or afternoon departures and returns on Sunday or Monday afternoon. 
For everyone else travelling by train or car share, we found the fastest available alternative by private taxis from Brasov or Sfantu Gheorghe train station. Just call these numbers 0744839707 or 0720450303, 1 hour before getting there in order to let the drivers know about your arrival.

More info on: http://wahafestival.ro/transport/.
Enjoy the journey !