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This year, TAPO's redefining the wonders of the world, throughout a brand new hot spot, speaking in terms of fun. Forget everything you've experienced so far, starting this 28th of April, the place to be, and soon to become our second home, is "The House of The Rising Sun", by TAPO.

A brand new location, right in the core of what is considered to be the heart of fun in Mamaia, will not only mesmerize your senses, it will give you a whole new definition to sensorialism.

The place will offer a great variety of choices, mixing the great vibe of TAPO with all that is a must do when in the seaside: beach lounge, completed by a very appealing beach bar, burger house, fine dining experiences, and of course, TAPO's unique nights, will redirect your values and shift your whole being into what you were supposed to be in the first place: totally, without a doubt, utterly happy.